What is it?

eco design

The ecodesign that we manufacture promotes the circular economy. Nearby suppliers, reuse, recycling, reinventing the model of merchandising and events. Our designs go beyond European regulations, which increasingly require more real sustainability from companies in response to the climate emergency. Directive 2009/125/EC on Ecological Design (Ecodesign) already has a long history of benefits for companies, consumers and the environment. It included 31 products and helped save €120 billion in energy last year.

The Regulation published in March 2022 is the basis of the EU's approach to greener, more sustainable products and the circular economy.

The proposal creates a framework to establish ecodesign requirements for specific products in order to improve their circularity, energy performance, among other aspects. This frame is the one that Chócala! Eco-Design takes as a reference despite not being bound by regulations, being innovators and pioneers in the sector.

Durability, reusability, upgradability and repairability of products.

Presence of substances that inhibit circularity.

Efficiency in the use of energy and resources.

Use of recycled material and remanufacturing.

Carbon footprint and ecological footprint.