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We are what we believe. We are Sustainability.

Hit it! Eco-Design we are first and foremost designers and manufacturers. We undertook this adventure with the aim of changing the concept of merchandising by making promotional products sustainable. We have a workshop in the town of Beniparrell (Valencia) where we design and manufacture almost all of our products. Our suppliers are, in turn, specialized manufacturers and always as close as possible. We try to promote the local economy.

We want to accompany companies that are making their transition to sustainability so that they can promote themselves with an image that is more in line with their new personality.


Because we want to convey joy, it is a welcome to a new, fresher and healthier image. In addition, we work with the most important part of the circular economy: ecodesign. We design all our products to be integrated into the ecosystem, to be recycled, repaired and reused.

The image of the donkey was carefully chosen. The donkey is an animal that has historically accompanied the human being in its progress and is currently in danger of extinction, which is why it is a protected species. We think it deserved a tribute. In addition, the donkey always arouses a smile and that is what Chócala achieves! Eco-Design with its products, make those who receive it smile.


Being a sustainable company in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and with the ESG was the main objective. Each product we design is sustainable and has a unique personality. We adapt to the essence of our client's brand and we make their clients feel special when they receive their gifts.

We elaborate merchandising and amenities for "hospitality" that manage to create a special atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. With your personalization we achieve an exclusive and unique image. We become part of your marketing department so that you get a unique profile in an area that is sometimes forgotten.

In Chocala! Eco-Design, we are based on 4 concepts: Starting with eco-design , anticipating the European "Ecodesign" regulations and that is present in our entire production process, from its creation, purchase of materials to its manufacture and shipment. products are designed to provide the maximum benefit to the planet and the minimum waste. The circular economy follows, we want to promote local manufacturers and producers, buying each product at its source and never exceeding the recommended distance kilometers to make it sustainable. We also keep Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, we want to generate a positive impact on society, in addition to selling our products, among other areas, we help disseminate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by attending sessions in schools around us. Finally, the sustainability of the business is essential for Chócala! Eco-Design works, learning every day and innovating in processes and materials that bring more benefits to the planet and to society.

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