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seed bombs
seed bombs
seed bombs
seed bombs
seed bombs
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Seed bombs are a great way to encourage biodiversity in your environment, whether it's in your garden or in your own pots. Planting seed bombs in your environment not only brings beauty and charm to your space, but benefits the ecosystem around us by providing an ecosystem and a food source for our pollinators, insects, and other wildlife. This means that they are vital to creating a healthy ecosystem producing a wide variety of wildlife.

Seed pumps improve soil quality, prevent erosion and water quality, and ultimately improve conditions for the entire ecosystem.

What are they?

Seed bombs are made of clay, soil, and seeds. These seed bombs use a nearly millennia-old planting technique, based on a Japanese cultivation technique invented by Fukuoka's Nego Dango.

The clay protects the seeds from insects and birds, while the soil provides the necessary organic matter and nutrients. When the conditions are right (water, temperature, weather, sunlight...) the seed bombs break and their seeds germinate into plants providing a habitat and food for our pollinating friends.

What seeds do we use?

The choice of seeds for your bombs is the most important thing to avoid mixing native plant varieties with exotic seeds and to ensure that the seed bombs grow where you are going to plant them and avoid the introduction of invasive species.

How are they used?

Unlike most growing and planting techniques, these seed bombs should not be buried in the soil, but instead placed or dropped on the soil surface. These plants will thrive with a few hours of sun per day. Seed bombs can also be thrown, kids love it! (this, as we have indicated previously, the native biodiversity must be taken into account so as not to damage the ecosystem and mix some species with others).

However, for your seed bombs to be a success we recommend placing them in the ground, about 30cm from each other, and throwing in some mulch (living matter made up of nutrients that add benefits to growing plants) to reduce seed bombs. weeds.

Seed bombs may not grow for a few months but they will surprise you with more plants over time, so you will have to be patient!


Store the seed bombs in a cool, dry place so they will last several months without losing their germination.

Our seed bombs are intended for domestic gardens and controlled urban spaces: Most of our clients use them for their controlled planting and reforestation projects.

In Chocala! We will be happy to help you choose the seeds that best adapt to the intended ecosystem.


9 seed bombs.

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