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To be recognized in the market, you have to capture the attention of your customers and consumers. Our personalized sustainable merchandising catalog for companies represents the best option.

Today, both end consumers and businesses look to companies that treat the planet with respect and take active steps to help improve the environment. Conversely, brands that ignore environmental issues are losing customers.


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One of the strengths of Chócala! is the custom ecological merchandising design for companies. Our products are an ideal opportunity to promote your company with the use of sustainable and ethically sourced personalized products.

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While there are many opportunities to advertise your brand through custom merchandising, few companies offer sustainable merchandising; This type of product increases social awareness while strengthening the image of your brand by minimizing the environmental impact by acting responsibly.

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In Chocala! We help companies and institutions to promote business values and connect with other organizations that are committed to sustainability.

When we work together to protect the environment, we achieve better results. By adding a custom design with your own logo and corporate identity to our products, you project a totally original corporate image.

Differentiate yourself from your competition by offering personalized commercial products. If your company or business wants to promote sustainability, take the step and leave us your suggestions in the following form.

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